Episode 1

I can’t believe I get to meet these people!

Hey you. I will be vlogging my entire experience from leaving South Africa to go to Colombia to attend the One Young World Summit. I feel really privileged to be part of this amazing Summit and will be vlogging the entire experience to share it with you.

Episode 2

Pit Stop – Joburg

A crazy adventure just getting to Jo’Burg — we had to convince the airline to let us in because we were late for check-in. We haven’t even left South Africa yet, so much has happened already!

Episode 3

Will we even get to Columbia? (Part 1)

Hey Head Starters. I don’t usually stress because I meditate. But this day, I felt like I was an Indian diabetic and would have a heart attack due to chronic stress and a bad diet. Our airline was overbooked and they had so many customers that we would have missed our flight on time. As a result, I might miss the One Young World Opening Ceremony!

Episode 4

Touchdown Columbia! (Part 2)

After nearly a year later, we have finally reached COLOMBIA and the Opening Ceremony of the One Young World Summit. It was absolutely amazing!!

Episode 5

Meeting the MVP’s – Networking 101

In this episode , we met with social media stars, Nobel Prize Winners, and heads of Facebook and AB InBev. I gave them t-shirts with my face on it. I bet you they will never forget me after that gesture! I bet you that you will become a networking machine after watching this.

Episode 6

This gets serious

In this episode I will finally be giving my One Young World Speech on front of over 1000 people! I will be sharing the stage with the brightest young minds, CEO’s and Nobel Prize Winners!