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Head Start Education connects the leading education technology companies around the world to the African market. We are the African distribution partner of choice.

We help local & international companies increase their revenue, scale their impact and drive the advancement of education across the African continent.

One of our Partners

A brain training app for kids

  • MentalUP provides over 60 educational games for kids aged 5-12, with scientific and entertaining content.
  • MentalUP has more than 3 million users across 60 countries and is the most preferred Educational Application of 2018.
  • Academic research & neurophysiological shows that MentalUP improves kid’s school success, learning skills, thinking skills, problem-solving, memory, attention, and focusing ability.
  • Adaptive & Personalized learning – MentalUP detects children’s skill level and provides daily workouts according to their needs.
  • MentalUP brain training games are developed by child development specialists, academicians, and professional game designers.
  • Teachers and parents can easily track a kid’s cognitive development.

Key Value Services


We will advise how your product is applicable for the African market.


We will work with you to identify the best sales channels through our networks.


We execute deals on your behalf to some of the largest organizations across Africa such as cellular companies, banks, and insurance companies.

Why Choose Us

BBBEE level 1 and a youth-owned business.

No upfront costs – Your organization only “pays” per success.

Save time and resources from entering a new market.

Insider expertise in the African market.

African corporates are more likely to work with local companies like us.

Our Business Model

Many For One

At Head Start, we believe that every learner deserves a world class education. For each app license that you purchase, we will provide 3 of the licenses to learners in need. You wouldn’t want to miss out on the chance to change the life of a person forever.

Additional benefits to your organization

  • We are a BBBEE Level 1 Supplier and Youth-Owned enterprise, making it easier for South African corporates to work with us.
  • A % of our sales go towards funding early childhood development all the way to university students.
  • PR Campaign where your organization benefits from increased media exposure.