Meet Head Starter Cornel Amariei, the Next Elon Musk - Head Start

Meet Head Starter Cornel Amariei, the Next Elon Musk

We are starting the first week of episodes of the Head Start Show with a Bang! This week we have Cornel Amariei. He started three companies, created a device called the Lumen that helps blind people get around, he’s written a book called the Arduino Development Cookbook, is an Innovation Manager at Continental, is a Forbes 30 under 30 Standout Member and he has a girlfriend! Watch the video below to see how your Host, Shivad Singh, reacts to his future girlfriend regarding Cornel Amariei.

In Part One (Inspire) you will learn:

  • Cornel Amariei’s journey so far (2:43)
  • What made Cornel interested in inventing and programming (3:57)
  • How he is an innovation manager at Continental, even though he is younger than some interns (9:24)
  • The challenges that Cornel Amariei faced to make the Lumen (14:43)
  • Cornel’s biggest failure and how he dealt with it (18:01)
  • How to get your ideas out there to make them a success (23:46)
  • Plus so much more…

In Part Two (Fuel) you will learn:

  • Cornel Amariei’s personal mission (1:18)
  • How to deal with society’s expectations (3:41)
  • Why university is a good time to start something(5:00)
  • How Cornel deals with problems (9:57)
  • How Cornel Amariei came up with the Lumen, a device that helps blind people get around (26:45)
  • The best places to learn  the skills that Cornel has acquired (42:00)
  • Plus so much more…
Cornel Amariei Quote 1
Cornel Amariei Quote 2

In Part Three (Action) you will learn from Cornel Amariei:

  • The detailed actions steps that he took to make his dream a reality (1:43)
  • Cornel Amariei’s best productivity hacks and how he plans his time (15:48)
  • Where Cornel sees himself in the future (20:41)
  • Advice if you want to start something in the engineering field (21:29)
  • Plus so much more…

In Part Four (Quick Round) you will learn:

  • Cornel Amariei’s favorite movies (0:30)
  • The characteristics that Cornel admires in people (2:09)
  • The Habits that made him successful (2:21)
  • Cornel Amariei’s definition of success (3:19)
  • Cornel’s best advice (3:48)
  • Plus so much more…
Cornel Amariei Quote 3
Cornel Amariei Quote 4

Resources Mentioned:

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Shivad Singh is a 22-year-old Entrepreneur, 5x Author, and Host of the Head Start Show. He is so passionate about helping young people that he fears a Zombie Apocalypse purely because there will be no one left to inspire. Due to his business skills and color of his skin, he is a.k.a "Guru Head Starter".




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