Head Start

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Watch this story of why we started the Head Start Show.

Your host, Shivad Singh interviews the most successful and inspiring young people in the world

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Welcome to the Head
Start Show, where Shivad
Singh interviews the most
successful young people across
all fields.


This is the show that aims to inspire and fuel you to take action on your dreams!

People interviewed have been featured on:

Each Week You Get To Learn:

How these Young Guns started and took action

How they overcome failure and learn from their mistakes

Tips and tricks that made them a success at such a young age

What they have done differently to take the “Road Less Travelled”

How to overcome fear in order to do something that matters to you

Their positive habits, routines, favourite books and so much more!

In summary, the show aims to give you a head start in life (Oh, now I know why they named it Head Start)

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