From Shivad Singh: Welcome to Head Start - Head Start

From Shivad Singh: Welcome to Head Start

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Welcome to the Head Start Show, it’s Shivad Singh here and I Interview the most inspiring and successful young people in the world. This is done with the aim to inspire and fuel you to take action on your dreams.

People interviewed include Forbes 30 under 30 Standout members, Time’s most influential teens, successful young entrepreneurs, inventors, a Masterchef Junior Winner, a Google Science Fair Winner, Ted Speakers and so much more.

Read further to find out:

  1. Why I Created Head Start
  2. What to Expect on the Head Start Show
  3. A Thank You from Shivad Singh
  4. Introducing Cornel Amariei: The Next Elon Musk

1. Why I Created Head Start

Transcript of Video above (This is for those who prefer reading or experience the struggle of no wi-fi access):

I always wanted to start something but my mind would make up the best excuses. I was full of self-doubt, thought I wasn’t good enough, scared of failure, felt unfulfilled, didn’t know where to start and how to become successful. ( On top of that, I would get distracted by random girls sending me DM’s (direct messaging) and super liking me on Tinder.

I let the expectations of society govern me. I thought I would finish my degree, get a safe job and then only after a few years I would take action on my dreams. I always had amazing heroes who I looked up too, but they were much older than me…and dead. I couldn’t really relate to them.

Steve jobs Dead Book

Then during my first year of college, I heard about this guy called Ludwick Marishane. He created a Drybath – a gel that helps people take a bath without water. His invention could solve a problem faced by over a billion people. What made me more inspired was that he was just a few years older than me and he even went to the same college as me! I finally had a relatable icon.

I started asking myself questions like, “Why can’t I start now?”, “Why should my age stop me?” I told myself that if he can do it, I can also. Fueled by my ideas and dreams, I took the first step to get a head start in life.

Slowly, I gathered momentum and took more action towards my dreams. After starting my venture, I became more confident, more energetic and more fulfilled in life. I could express myself for who I really was.

The problem is that I still know so many people, like my friends, who are still in the negative place that I used to be a few years ago. After my experience, I know that so many young people have untapped potential and can offer so much more to the world. I don’t want to leave them behind. I want to take them with me. So I asked myself, “how can young people help each other out in following their dreams?”

Remember Ludwick, the guy that inspired me because he was so relatable. Imagine if we could expose millions of high school and college students to other people like him. So I created this show called Headstart, where I interview the most successful and inspiring young people in the world. I traveled far and wide, with the help of Skype, to provide you access to the brightest young minds on the planet.

This show isn’t just aimed to inspire you, after all,  we have enough of that with those morning quotes that we get from our mothers. It’s aimed to get you moving. My vision is to share their journey with you, see how they come up with ideas,  how they started, how they overcome fear and failure, what they learnt from their mistakes, tips, and tricks that made them a success at such a young age and what they have done differently to take the road less travelled.

Young people are 100% of our future, well obviously. That’s why the mission of this show is to inspire and fuel you to take action on your dreams. Because only at action do we find expression.

2. What to Expect on the Head Start Show

Head Start Episodes

Hey fellow Head Starter, I am so excited to walk this journey with you. I’m just going to tell you a brief outline of what you can expect on the Head Start show.

Each week I interview an inspiring and successful young person in the world. The episodes are broken into 4 parts – Inspire, Fuel, Action and The Quick Round.

Part 1: Inspire, is all about learning about their story, their amazing accomplishments and their challenges along their journey. This is released on Monday.

Part 2: Fuel, is all about understanding what drives them, why do they do what they do and we also uncover the heroes that they look up to. This is released on Tuesdays.

On Wednesdays. we have Part 3: Action, where we learn the detailed actions steps that they took to make their dreams a reality as well as get their advice to help you start now.

Part 4 is our Quick Round, where we get some tips and recommendations from them such as their favorite books, success habits, and resources.

Some of the questions that I ask these Head Starters are:

  • How did you come up with your idea, did an apple also fall on your head?
  • What was your biggest failure and what did you learn from it?
  • What was the tipping point for you to take action?
  • Luke Skywalker was mentored by Obi-Wan Kenobi, so do you have a mentor?
  • What were the detailed action steps that you took to make your idea a reality?

And so much more…

3. A Thank you from Shivad Singh

Thank you from Head Start

I want to thank you again for joining me here at I really want the Head Start Show and community to be a place where young people come together and learn from their peers. Once you see someone younger or of a  similar age to you achieving amazing things, you get a shift in your mindset.

P.S Future Head Starters, you can listen or watch this show for free! I’m Indian and it’s in my genes to sell you something, but I won’t. It’s a sacrifice that I’m willing to make for the greater good, even though my ancestors are probably looking down upon me.

If you find any value in this show and our movement of inspiring and fueling young people to take action on their dreams, then please subscribe by clicking the buttons below, and give our show a review (hopefully a 5-star rating). Your help will allow us to reach as many people as possible and share our awesome content for free.

4. Introducing Cornel Amariei: The Next Elon Musk

Cornel Amariei Head Start

You are going to love the first week of episodes for the show, where I interview Cornel Amariei. My brain was literally shattered into pieces and put back together after interviewing him.

Cornel has founded three companies, created a device called the Lumen which is helping blind people to get around, wrote a book, is an Innovation Manager at Continental and is a Forbes 30 under 30 Standout member! By the way, he also has a girlfriend while still achieving all of this!

He has an incredible journey filled with many challenges. I’m so excited for you to listen. So head starter get ready to be inspired and fueled to take action on your dream!

Check out the episode here

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Shivad Singh

Shivad Singh is a 22-year-old Entrepreneur, 5x Author, and Host of the Head Start Show. He is so passionate about helping young people that he fears a Zombie Apocalypse purely because there will be no one left to inspire. Due to his business skills and color of his skin, he is a.k.a "Guru Head Starter".



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