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Meet Logan Guleff, MasterChef Junior Winner

This week we have Head Starter Logan Guleff, a winner of MasterChef Junior. Logan had earned the chance to work with Gordon Ramsay. His first recipe landed him on the Today Show when he was 8. He was invited to the White House and met former President Obama. He has his own Cookbook available for order. I’m not done yet, Logan Guleff, scored a spot on Fortune Magazine’s 18 Under 18 list and was recognized by Time Magazine as ” a rising star in the culinary world.” Plus, he has his own Wikipedia page!

Oh, and did I forget to mention that he is just 15! When I was 15 I was still watching Pokemon (I still do, shhhh!)

In Part One (Inspire) you will learn:

  • Logan Guleff’s journey to get to where he is now (2:45)
  • Why having good role models plays a good part in your future(7:50)
  • Logan’s opinion on Gordon Ramsay and how the Famous Judge acted while on the Masterchef Junior Show(11:10)
  • Why setting goals can help you achieve amazing things(14:46)
  • The Reason why Logan Guleff works (17:00)
  • Plus so much more…

In Part Two (Fuel) you will learn from Logan Guleff:

  • Why he cooks (1:01)
  • When your host Shivad is most happy at (7:53)
  • What cooking means to Logan (10:39)
  • Who is Logan’s mentor (33:11)
  • Why they are Logan’s mentors 36:37)
  • Plus so much more…
Logan Guleff Quote 1
Logan Guleff Quote 2
Logan Guleff book

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